Benchmarking JS - made easy

Benchmark your JS snippets for an optimized performance


Why use HASTY?

Save time and money

Completely drag-and-drop to generate beautiful notebooks with lots of customizations and dynamic variables ready to be used in every engagement. Get straight to work with performance metrics and analysis, host it as a static website or as an interactive notebook that runs in your browser.

Benchmark by generation

With just the push of a button HASTY generates your benchmark in all its glory! No more slowing down your machine with repeated benchmarks!

Share Report with one click

HASTY offers its users the ability to easily generate their reports right after making any changes or running the benchmark or basic workload project. Share reports through HASTY's link, embed and more!

Convinced? If not then let me just say it again:
Ahem… HASTY is free to use. So, you know, you can at least give it a go!

Why did I create HASTY?

It all started because of a little pet peeve of mine. I HATE the neglecting of performance in JS.
Let me explain.


JavaScript developers are frustrated with the current state of JavaScript performance. There is no easy way to benchmark how well their codes perform, and we are left with a lot of guesswork in this area.


JavaScript is the most popular programming language on the internet, and it's now being used by beginners to create amazing projects in a variety of fields. It's frustrating that JavaScript performance is not better understood, and it's even more frustrating when developers don't know exactly how their code will perform before they execute it.


HASTY solves this problem. HASTY is a JavaScript performance testing tool that automatically benchmarks your codes for you - giving you an accurate representation of how well your code performs.