Benchmarking JS - made easy

Benchmark JavaScript snippets for optimum performance


Why use HASTY?

Save time, money and effort

Find the most performant block of JavaScript code, or optimize older blocks of code.

Benchmarking for generations

With the push of a button, HASTY benchmarks all blocks of code. Don't run out of resources on your computer - Let HASTY handle branchmarks!

Sharable reports

Compare many blocks with great visualizations. Share interactive reports with HASTY, or even embed onto your own websites - For like-minded developers like you!

Convinced? If not why not give it a try, and let it talk for itself? - HASTY is also completely free!

How did HASTY come to life?

It all started because of a little pet peeve of mine. I HATE the neglect of performance in JS.

The problem

Nothing frustrates developers - or your users - more than awfully performing sites. There is no easy way to benchmark how well a code-block performs.

Hacks & Quick-fixes

Developers are left with a lot of guesswork in this area. Sadly the great developer tools in most browsers are being abused for this exactly. Definitely not optimal.

The Solution

HASTY solves this problem. HASTY is a JavaScript performance testing tool that benchmarks your blocks. Providing an accurate representation of how well your code performs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Help make the World Wide Web a better, faster and more responding place!